Learn How To Create Google Analytics Account

If you want to Create Google analytics account, then I must say you are on the correct site here I will tell you the best way. Many bloggers use different method to track their website or blog stats. But out of all I am using Google analytics free tool by Google and I am fully satisfied with it. This tool give you the exact stats about your blog like unique visitors on your blog per day, hour, minute, year and even a single second. You can easily find out that where your blog traffic comes from like from which post and country.

The Google account gives you access to different Google services, including Google Analytics. Each website or group of websites needs to have a Google Analytics account, which you create when you sign up. You can add one or more websites to track and analyze this account. You can track each and every visitors that visit your site and even you can know there exact time of visit. You can also create a separate Analytics account for each website, which is known as a Property. For example, you can create a Google Analytics account for a specific website and its related sub-domains for better management. You can manage Analytics accounts and Properties from the Admin page.

2. Click create an account. (The Google Analytics sign up page appears)

3. Click Sign up to create a new Analytics account. Note: If you are signing in with an existing account, you will be transferred to the Google Analytics home page. (The Account Administration page appears)

4. Click Web Site.

5. Type the website name to set up the name of the initial property in the account.

6. Type the website URL.

7. Click the Industry Category pop-up menu and select a website niche.

8. Click the Reporting Time Zone pop-up menus and select a country of origin and a time zone.

9. Scroll down the page. (The rest of the form fields appear)

10. Type the account name in the Account Name field.

11. Click the Data Sharing Settings option.

12. Click Get Tracking Id. (The Google Analytics Terms of Service page appears)

13. Click I accept to receive a Tracking ID.

After you create the site accounts, the accounts appear on the Google Analytics home page. On this page, you can navigate through the site accounts and access any of the listed sites. You can also set specific site accounts as favorites so you can easily reach them later. You can show the account Metrics that display the statistics of each website. You can also search for sites and accounts using the Search field. This feature is very useful if you are reviewing multiple sites.


If you are new blogger than you should definitely use Google Analytics free mobile application [http://web.archive.org/web/20140326204001/http://www.google.co.in/analytics/mobile/] in your smartphones, you can use this app everywhere and it will tell you the exact stats of your website or blog. Very cool app and I am personally using this on my smartphone.


I hope you will find the above information useful about how to create Google analytics account, Which method are you using to track stats of your website or blog, If you have any doubt then let us know via comment.