How To Identify Wrong Options In Reading Comprehension

There is no doubt that reading comprehension is the most difficult thing in SAT (agree to disagree!). This is because there are few strategies that actually work in this section. Mostly because we think we are too smart and also because we don’t read between the lines. So the only legit and reliable thing to do is to completely understand what you are reading. It is super easy if you are a reader (you don’t say!). You can always read in chunks and that helps a lot but it would be of no use if you did not understand what you are reading.

Students select a particular answer because in their head they have justified it. This is exactly what you should not do. If everyone convinced themselves to select a particular answer, every answer could have made sense. The right answer is the one which is supported by the passage solely. This all can be very confusing. Which is why you need to know why a particular answer is wrong and once you know separate the wrong answers you are left with the right one. So the question arises that how must one identify if an answer is wrong? Here is how:

First things first, do not over think! Here is what happens when you over think: you read the passage and then you build a scenario that is nothing like the actual scenario. This creates problems that did not exist in the first place. You get confused and go with a wrong answer. So avoid over thinking because all answers are in front of you in the passage, nothing more nothing less.


It’s that simple, if the passage doesn’t mention the option, it is definitely not the answer. No matter how logical it sounds to you.

This will involve words that change the whole meaning of the sentence. Read everything properly so you don’t fall in this trap.

SAT right options are MOSTLY (there are exceptions) specific. One sentence that covers up everything in the passage is not the answer, unless you have been asked about the main idea of the passage.

This means that this can be a true fact from the passage but is irrelevant to what is being asked. You will see a fact and immediately select it if you are running out of time.

The title speaks for itself. Understand what you are reading and you will know if it’s wrong or right. Half right option is never the RIGHT answer.

Since now you know how to identify wrong options in a question… this technique needs to be mastered with a lot of practice because words are nothing without action. Just remember that the right option will always be fully supported by the passage. This means technically all the answers are right in front of you and you just need to scrutinize.

Stay tuned.