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The Scientists, Mechanical Engineers and Electrical Engineers are making great inventions in Latest Robotics Technologies. The Killer Whale Submarines is a great inventions. Now you must keep your all fantasies aside, and have a ride on the Killer Whale submarine. Now you can glide and enjoy through the sea on the way you want ever. If you don’t want to join a normal or usual submarine, you can have a good journey to the sea via Killer Whale Submarine, which is an awesome way to explore the sea.

The Killer Whale Submarine has been made by the engineers by joining their all efforts to make this unique killer submarine, which just looks like a whale. Basically it is a submarine, which has been made keeping in view the structure of Killer Whales. Whereas the design of Killer Whale Submarine is concerned, its cockpit is protected by a submarine’s watertight acrylic canopy.

Sometimes several peoples want to have a trip on submarine, but they can’t afford the journey. But now the scientists have discovered the solution in the shape of Killer Whale Submarines, which are not so costly and one can have a ride underwater by driving these whale submarines.

Hammacher Shclemmer company has made these little and less costly Killer Whale submarines. Whereas the specifications of Whale Submarine are concerned, it is powered with a 255 horsepower engine, which remains supercharged. The whale submarine can reach up to 25 miles per hour while cruising underwater, while 50 miles per hour while hydroplaning. It has a sitting capacity of two persons, so a couple is enough to enjoy cruising in killer whale submarines. The structure of the submarine, which has been made as the shape of Killer whale is a fun for people, as they are having a drive in a Killer Whale Submarine.

There is another best feature of Killer Whale Submarine that if you love music you can dock your cell phone, smartphone, gadgets to listen to your new, latest and favorite songs, while you are underwater and in the process of cruising. There is another quality of the whale submarine is it can dive up to 5 feet easily.

Few people from all over the world are trying very hard to purchase a killer whale submarine, but these whales like submarines are rare in the world. The company is receiving orders for Killer Whales, as people usually enjoy to have fun in the submarine. Hence the people, who are willing to purchase the Killer Whale Submarine, which has been keeping in view the latest robots technology can purchase the Killer Whale. The whale submarine is available for sale, but supply is not meeting the demand these days. If you love to have a drive and dive with Killer Whale Submarine in the sea, you can check the price quote i.e. approximately 100,000.