7tools Virtual CD emulator 3.0

Tired of messing up you place searching for lost CDs? Got bored of constant inserting and changing disks? Don’t want to pay double and triple prices to ensure you really have a needed disk? NO MORE spending nerves and time with scratched and stained CDs, no more borrowing CD from friends, no more endless seek-and-hide with lost disks 7tools Virtual CD emulator 3.0 solves these and many other problems. Using 7tools CDE you gain: Save storage of numeruos CD images on your pc Extra fast performance – CDE works faster than the best CDroms (up to 200x) Silent and quick performance – no spinning noises, no starting pause Immunity to scratches, stains, loss or break Changing CD-images with a simple drag and drop function Running as many CD-based programs as you wish (limited only by the number of virtual CD-drives created)

How it works: After you install 7tools CDE the program suggests you to create a virtual CD drive and assigns it to the specified drive letter. You can create as many virtual CD-ROM drives as you wish (as long as there are free unassigned drive letters). Now you should create CD images. Simply insert the CD in your real CD-ROM and press the “grab” button. The image will be automatically created. You can choose a compression rate to create smaller or more exact images. The number of images created is limited only by your available disc space. Any CDs can be grabbed – create data images, audio or video images or even multiformat ones. Use built-in browser to organize your CD images in the library. To insert an image simply drag-and-drop it to the virtual drive. Create more virtual drives to run several CD-based applications simultaneously. Enjoy. Using 7tools CDE… At home: Experience the best performance of your pc playing games and watching movies. Listen to your favorite music. Create your own multimedia library with no chance to loose precious items. In the office: Run all needed programs at once. Organize better data storage, share data between different computers in no time. One real CD drive and 7tools CDE is enough to provide CD-ROM usage for the whole compartment. On the road: Save effort by leaving your CDs at home. Save time with 10 times faster CDE. Save energy – you don’t need your power-savoring CD-ROM. Save space – use the CD-ROM slot to connect other devices.

Summary Features:
Feature list (highlights): Creates CD images on the hard drive (or network drive) and emulates “Virtual CD-ROM drives”. Many applications require presence of original CD in CDROM drive. CD Emulator emulates virtual CDROM drive allowing to run application from the hard drive. Supports copy protected CDs (SafeDisc 1.x, 2.x; SecuRom < 4.x; Laserlock) and CSS encoded DVDs. Up to 23 virtual CD drives at the same time, allowing you to run several CD & DVD programs simultaneously. Unlimited number of virtual CDs. CD Emulator supports Data (ISO9660), Audio (CDDA, MP3), VCD, DVD, DVD-Video, mixed-mode CDs, Multisession CD Possibilities to rename images and to write comments for the images. Information about tracks of virtual CDs are presented in the interface dynamically Easy-to use, simple and intuitive interface.

Other highlights:

FreeDB support

CD image database, browser

Copy protected discs

Build-in burner and eraser

All kinds or Cd formats

Move images to different place

Full features list