How to fix a slow, lagging phone and run out of memory

If you always have a headache because the phone is often slow, the capacity of taking pictures run out, want to download more applications but you also out of memory? Now be assured because there are Nox Cleaner with many preeminent features to help optimize Android device extremely effectively.

The main function of Nox Cleaner

Scanning junk & freeing up more memory
Save & extend battery life
Speed ​​up RAM to optimize phone performance
Cooling & CPU temperature control
Fully integrated with Android 8+ Oreo
Detect & remove unused apps
Automatically analyze photos to be able to manage
Protect the application from the risk of information leakage

Some highlights of Nox Cleaner

Speed ​​up your device by deleting junk files, clearing RAM

This function quickly analyzes all applications in your Android phone and finds useless junk files such as cache cache, downloaded files, temporary files, history files, and then recommends cleaning up to Free memory for the phone. NOx Cleaner also integrates a dedicated cleaning feature for social networking applications that often appear garbage like Line, Whatsapp, intensive cleaning of large files, duplicate files, videos or music files… help users feel assured and not to worry about deleting the wrong file.

Overloaded RAM makes your phone slow down. Understanding this problem, the development team of Nox Cleaner has optimized the Android phone accelerator to help clean up RAM memory and free up storage space, lifting phone performance to a new level.

Image management

If users love taking photos often very headache with full memory, choose to delete pictures, videos or music to increase the capacity, then with the Nox Cleaner you will surely be satisfied.

Just a quick touch of a button, you can analyze thousands of photos on your phone into convenient albums such as similar photos, super big photos, screenshots, blurs and videos and music files. You can also compress & reduce the image size too large without worrying about blurring, so with this clever arrangement the software will make it easy to erase low-quality photos for a perfect super set. Also clean up the space, increase the memory for you to comfortably selfie.

Secure protection with superior application lock and virus removal program

The application lock function provides users with password drawings to help you open and lock apps conveniently and securely. All private corners like photo album, message, email, Facebook, Instagram, …. will be kept safe with the superior protection system of Nox Cleaner.

With integrated antivirus tool, Nox Cleaner acts as a security application. Anti-virus tool finds vulnerabilities, scans and removes viruses in RAM and your device memory. Protect your phone from malware, advertisements or online access that contains viruses at any time. Just one touch of Nox Cleaner will protect your phone from dangerous threats.

Garbage removal, image management, extra storage, device acceleration, system monitoring and protection, convenient usage … With many features that combine perfectly now you only need 1 Cleaner Nox application can solve all worries, give users a perfect experience and most assured.

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