Try Icedrive, cloud storage service is easy to use with 20GB of free storage space

This service is “more generous” than OneDrive with Google Drive when it offer up to 20GB of free storage space upon registration.

What is Cloud Storage?

If talking about cloud storage services, everyone should immediately think of 2 “giant” in this area are Google and Microsoft with Google Drive and OneDrive. However, there are still other names that are equally famous and more generous than the two names mentioned when providing users with 20GB of free storage space right after registering their account. And in this article, Icedrive will be the name we will try today, we invite readers to consult.

First of all, please visit this address ( and click Get Started to register to use the service.

The registration process is also quite simple and non-intrusive like other providers.

After successful registration and login, the data management interface of the account on Icedrive will appear. The frame to the left of the interface will be shortcuts to data tasks and the right will be a list of the data you upload.

To get started, click Add New and click on the option you want, including creating a new folder, uploading data and uploading the entire folder.

To easily manage and organize data, first select New Folder and proceed with naming this new folder.

After creating a new folder, go to it and select Add New> Upload Files, then navigate to the data you want to upload from your computer. The download process will take place continuously and have a % display for you to follow.

When clicking on a certain file in the list, the operation menu will appear at the top for you to choose to use.

In addition, when you right-click on the file, a quick action menu also appears for you to choose to use.

The interesting point of Icedrive is its ability to allow users to create and share uploaded data directly to recipients via the link it provides. Here is the Public Link option. And from there you will be given additional features such as setting the expiration date for sharing or setting a password to protect the data.

In addition to the general data management area, Icedrive is also available for premium account users with an area for managing encrypted and multi-layered security.

When you click on the account name in the right corner of the interface, you will be provided with an extensive menu with options to navigate deep into account settings, as well as statistics on service usage information.

What Is the Best Free Cloud Storage?

Besides choosing to use icedrive web-based services, users can choose to download and install icedrive on Windows and mobile computers (Android). Overall icedrive is quite easy to use and quite fast to operate, so if you are looking for a new name in the cloud storage “village” to experience then this is a great option.

Hope the article will be useful for you.