How To Backup Your Origin Games – Seven Easy Steps

Everybody knows that backing up your game saves is important, but they never seem to remember to do it. If you don’t track your progress and save data, you can easily lose hours of your time if you die or have a system crash. It’s easy to get caught up in the action, but when something goes wrong it can be devastating! Here are some basic steps to backup files for games on Origin.

Download a backup software

There are a variety of different backup software available for your game. For example, Origin has an application that allows you to back up all your saved data from the game and keep it on your hard drive. Another option is to use Windows built-in backup feature or third party software like Macrium Reflect.

To make sure that you’ve taken every precaution to keep your progress safe, download a backup tool and set it as the default tool for backing up files in your system and games in Origin. This way, you won’t lose any progress if something goes wrong!

Install and launch your backup software

The first step is to download and install your backup software, GOG Galaxy. This software allows you to back up files like saves and settings, as well as organize all of your games in one place.

Select the games that you want to back up

The first step is to select the games that you want to back up. You can do this by scrolling down the left-hand side of Origin and looking for your game list or by typing in your game’s name in the search bar.

Choose where to save the backups

There are eight different options for where to save the backups. These are:

– Origin

– C:\

– My Documents\My Games\Origin Games\

Save your backups!

The first step is to save your backups. The easiest way to do this is by clicking on “Manage Game” at the top of the My Games section and then selecting “Saves.” This will let you save your progress in a variety of ways, including letting you see what files are being backed up and where they’re going. From here, it’s easy to set up a system that will automate backups, so that when you return from playing you’ll have an automatic backup waiting for you.


1. What games are compatible with backup files?

If your game is supported by the latest version of Origin, it’s compatible with backup files.

2. How do I create a backup file?

Make sure the game you’re backing up is closed and then go to Origin in the “My games” section. Right click on your game and choose “Create Backup”. You will be prompted for a location to save it in and there will be an option to “Delete this backup immediately”.

3. How long does it take for my backup file to load?

It takes about 20 seconds for most saved games to load in Origin, but some games may take longer or not work at all when loaded from a previous point in time. It’s best to just test out your saved game!

4. Why can’t I find my backed up save data after running the game?

Some older saves may not be compatible with new versions of the game and won’t show up in the list of saved games. It’s best to just try loading your save before giving up on finding it!


In order to ensure the safety of your PC gaming, you should back up your Origin games. The first step to doing this is downloading a backup software. This software will allow you to backup all the games in Origin. Once you have downloaded and installed the software, select the games you want to backup and choose where to save the backups for future use.