How to Port a Mobile Number From AirTel to Jio

How to Port a Mobile Number From AirTel to Jio

Every time you sign up for a new mobile service, your number gets ported. You might have to call the customer care or porting center for them to change your number from one service provider to another. But this is not always easy, especially if you are a customer of AirTel and want to port your number to Jio. So, in case you find yourself in this situation, here are some ways to fix it.

What is porting a mobile number?

If you want to switch services, you need to port your number from one service provider to another. The process of porting a mobile number is usually pretty simple and straightforward. The reason you might have had to call customer care or the porting center is if there was an issue with your old number, like it being deactivated by the other company because they didn’t pay for it or something else happened that made them not want to keep it anymore.

How to port your number from AirTel to Jio?

First, you should know that the cost of porting your number to Jio is Rs. 1,000. If you want to avoid this huge expense, you can try and do it yourself. You can also get someone else to do it for you.

The easiest way to port your number is through the Voicemail app in your smartphone. All you have to do is enter the number you want to port in the voicemail field and then click on ‘send’.

What if I don’t have an AirTel number?

If you don’t have an AirTel number and you want to port your number to Jio, you can get a temporary number from AirTel customer care or visit their website, which has all the details.

#1 Contact Customer Care

If you’re currently signed up with AirTel and want to port your number to Jio, contact customer care on 1800-180-1818 and they will walk you through the process.

#2 Visit the AirTel Website

If you are not currently signed up with AirTel, visit their website and find the process for porting your number.


Q: What is porting a number?

A: Porting a number means changing the service provider for your mobile number. It is usually done when you want to change from one provider to another or if you want to move from one network to another. When you switch from one provider to another, your old phone number will still work and you don’t have to change it.


Mobile number porting is a process by which the existing mobile numbers in an account are transferred to another network provider. It is a process that allows subscribers of the transferring network to retain their existing mobile numbers and roam between networks. In this process, the subscriber needs to provide the new network with an authorization code from the old network. The new network provides a SIM card to the subscriber, which allows the subscriber to make and receive calls on both networks simultaneously. If you are an AirTel subscriber, you can port your mobile number to Jio.