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Hey, Chuck Sharpsteen here. Director of SEO and Technology for Enlightened Marketing, LLC.

Wanted to show you how to install a Facebook Custom Audience Pixel.

So, what you need to do is make sure you have an Ads Account with Facebook to begin with. I’m not going to go through how to do that, it’s pretty self-explanatory. If you don’t see the Ads Manager over here on your left, you should be able to go to this arrow over here, click it and go down to “Create Ads” or “Manage Ads” to create an account.

So, we’re going to go to “Manage Ads” right now. And this is an old account that I haven’t used in years. So, once you have your account it will look like this. You’re going to go to “Adiences” over on the left – click that… If you don’t have any audiences yet it’s going to look like this, so what we’re going to do is create a “Custom Audience”. Basically what we’re going to do is put code on your website to track people that are logged into Facebook and coming to your website.

We’re going to choose “Website Traffic” and you can do this up to 180 days – I’m just going to do 180 – add a description – I’ll say “Main Site Audience” – and you can do whatever you want here. And then “Website Traffic” – I’m just going to keep it set to “Anyone who visits your website”, you can filter out pages, so you can say “People who visit specific web page” and only have an audience for people who, say I only wanted to have an audience of people who visited pages with “facebook” in the URL, I could just write “facebook” in here and any page that has “facebook” in the URL on my site – it will give me an audience based on people that have visited those pages. I’m just going to say “Anyone who visits your website”.

I’m going to go ahead and click “Creat Audience”… It says “Thank You” and then we need to get the code. So what you have to do is – sometimes it will give you right there as soon as you create it – I’ve created audiences here before and deleted them, so that might be why it’s not giving it to me – you can just go ahead and click the checkmark next to the audience, then click on “Actions” over here and go to “View Pixel”. That’s going to give you the code here.

So, where this code needs to go is in what’ called the “head” of the HTML of your website. I’m going to get on a website here and I’ll show you where to put it. I’m going to show you just on a WordPress site because, basically, that’s what almost everyone uses. If you’re doing anything else, like if you’re building your own website, you probably don’t need me telling you how to do this.

So, on a WordPress site, you’re going to go to “Appearance”, you’re going to go down to “Editor” and in WordPress you have the HTML “head” information in the “header.php”. So, I’m going to click on the “Header” (header.php) – just make sure it says “header.php” underneath. It could be called something different up here on the top in the Title. Just make sure that it says “header.php” down there.

Then all we want to do is find the “head” part of the document. So, here’s the beginning “head” part, in these two brackets it says “”head”” and here’s the ending “/head”, it has the forward slash “/” in front of it.

So, all we need to do is put this code right before the closing “/head” tag. I’m just going to paste the code there. And then once you do that you click “Update File” and that’s going to add that Facebook Custom Audience Pixel code on every single page of your WordPress site. Like I said, if you have some other CMS then it might be a little different. A lot of times you can go to where it asks you to put Tracking Code or Google Analytics code (if it asks for the entire bit of code, not just the little UA number). If it asks for the whole ammount of code or it has a place for Tracking Code you can put it there usually and it’s going to place that in the “head” for you.

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Again, I’m Chuck Sharpsteen, Director of SEO and Technology for Enlightened Marketing, LLC The key to staying on the cutting edge with Facebook ads, along with what Brendon Burchard, Ryan Deiss, and Dan Kennedy have to say about Facebook and digital marketing in 2016.