How To Kill Termites As A Colony

If you need to know how to kill termites then it is likely that you have found evidence. It may have been a mark on the all or the appearance of an uneven texture. In severe cases it could be holes in the walls of your property. When wanting to exterminate termites from your home you will have to deal with an entire colony of termites. One way of getting rid of them is to provide them with something to eat other than your house. There are poisons that will attract them and this is an effective way to kill termites.

How To Kill Termites For Good

Every year in the U.S. there are many houses and buildings that are severely ruined due to the hungry termite. These small insects come around with a voracious appetite for wood. They can take down a one-level home in a matter of months. The estimated damage due to termites in some states rises larger than damage estimations of natural disasters. Termites are stealthy insects who will be in house for months undetected before they are noticed, and by then it is probably too late. Termites live inside the wood, and when they start coming out and staying out, that’s a good sign they are done with the inside of the wood. That only leaves one other thing for them and that is the outer shell of whatever they’ve eaten out already. It is when the damage begins to get to a critical level, meaning that the wood they are eating the outside of is hollow on the inside and very dry from air passing through it. This not only a termite hazard now, but also a fire hazard.

Wiping out a termite colony is a challenge. But can be managed easily given the homeowner follows pesticide guidelines. There are tried and true methods of wiping out a whole termite colony. It is effectively and safely performed. One tried way is baiting the colony. The termites that are coming in and out of the mounds are only workers who go out and bring food back to the queen and her dominion. By placing poison bait at the entrance, the workers will be sure to either eat it themselves or carry it back to the queen and other termites in the heap. This may take a day or more. But the colony will soon be annihilated.

Calling for help is another way of taking charge of a termite colony. Most homeowners who call the exterminator aren’t willing to handle the poison or they don’t like to be too close to a colony of insects with chompers strong enough to eat the homeowner’s house. The only downside to this way is first, it is more expensive and some homes have to be evacuated for up to three days due to toxic fumes. A plan to be thought over before having to go and stay at the in laws. However, a few nights eating the mother-in-law’s meatloaf is better than eating steak in a house being eaten by termites.

Termites are capable of inflicting such costly damage to a house that it is sensible to get any help that is available. It is far better to pay the fee for a professional exterminator and be certain that your houseis safe than take a chance with your own limited knowledge.