Obtaining Pokemon Emerald – Guide

Obtaining Pokemon Emerald - Guide

There is a GameFAQs Q&A thread named “How to obtain Dive in Pokemon Emerald” for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance version of Pokemon Emerald. In part, it reads as follows:
“There are two ways to acquire the emerald Pokemon. One way is via the use of action replay codes. The second way is to own a game cartridge with a rom copy of Pokemon Emerald.”
The first method is to get cheat codes from online sources; however, many sources demand a fee. Additionally, they include many advertisements between each cheat code they give. Additionally, the download may be incompatible with some operating systems.
The second alternative is to utilize a suitable device or to play Pokemon Emerald on your Game Boy Advance. This way, you can completely enjoy the game without having to deal with irritating advertisements and pop-ups. Additionally, you will not be bothered by those annoying tiny pop-up ads that appear everytime you move the little pointer over anything. However, which roms do they include? Where are they to be found? And how are they installed?
To begin, we’ll examine how you get the first item in Pokemon Emerald. You get the pokedex after defeating the Elite four in the cave. This convenient gadget enables you to see all of Pokemon’s information – moves, skills, and stats, for example. When you speak with the lab girl, she hands you the green pill.

Obtaining Pokemon Emerald - Guide
Following that, go to route 12. (the cave of evolution). You’ll see a Pokemon called ‘Registeel’. Now, go along the path and rescue the little creature. Then, return to the beginning and place one egg in the box. Before proceeding to the next location, wrap the Pokemon around your backpack. In approximately two weeks, your little guy should begin to develop into a Registeel.
Finally, get the Pokemon Emerald move tutor and go to Route 130. Again, you’ll come across a Pokemon called ‘Registeel’. Take a risk and plunge into the hole, where you will fight the level three Pokemon until you are rescued. As with the previous two methods, this move should easily allow you to enter the Pokemon league.
In general, Pokemon Emerald rom download is not a very tough game. Even as someone who had never played a Pokemon game before, I had no difficulty with it. If you’re concerned about your ability to continue, I recommend visiting a Pokemon game boy club or viewing some videos of older versions of Pokemon to pick up where you left off. This should expedite the process somewhat. I highly suggest giving Pokemon Emerald a try; it’s not a difficult game to complete and is a lot of fun once you get started.
Following the events of route 120, you will come across a Pokemon called ‘Nidoqueen’. This is unsurprising. He is one of the game’s toughest Pokemon, so you should use caution. The advantage of this approach is that the rocks provide a significant obstacle. Every five steps, the rock spikes kill a Pokemon, so there isn’t much space to travel.
Continuing on, you’ll come across another Pokemon called’meteorsawatch’. Although this Pokemon is weaker than Nidoran, this should not be an issue. When you reach the second location after the meteor’s impact, you’ll encounter another set of trainers known as the ‘coffee bushes.’ These men are more powerful than expected; they assault the player character with soot bombs.
When you reach the final section, you’ll face one of the trainers from the first area. She is a trainer who has an abundance of Pokemon, so use caution. When she departs, gather the things she has left behind and continue. The ruby is the first thing you must get. After obtaining it, return to the entrance where the meteor landed and use the warp tube to return to the first location, beat the trainers, and earn your first item.
Make certain to fully investigate the whole path, since there are many secret caverns that are not shown on your map. The reason I suggest the first cave is because it is challenging, but well worth the effort. Although the second cave is simpler than the first, I recommend seeing the meteor fall cave. It’s a great method to finish the game and discover fresh information about your Pokemon.