Will the Law of Attraction Work For You?

That’s a very tough question, “Will the Law of Attraction work for you?” The short answer to this question is, yes. However, it’s really not quite that simple. Basically, you can rely on the Law of Attraction only so much, but it’s not some sort of magical mystical cure-all. There is a fair amount of work that needs to be done by you in order for the Law of Attraction to truly work for you.

First, you begin by completely reprogramming your subconscious and conscious minds. You must have an open mind, and a positive mindset. Your subconscious mind power is very strong, but you must allow it to use its full strength. You must be open to receiving the abundance and wealth that is available. If you cannot do this, then the Law of Attraction will not work for you.

If I were a writer, how I would enjoy being told the novel is dead. How liberating to work in the margins, outside a central perception. You are the ghoul of literature. Lovely.
—Don Delillo (b. 1926)

After you change your mindset, you need to begin to spot the opportunities that present themselves to you. This is often the first workings of the Law of Attraction in your life. Missing these opportunities or not recognizing them, means they can easily pass you by. These opportunities may be for wealth, health, spiritual growth, whatever. Not taking them is denying the Law of Attraction the ability to work for you.

When you begin to take these opportunities that are presented to you, because of your open mind and positive mindset you will begin to see successes that you have not before experienced. Taking action by seizing these opportunities is hard work, but well worth it when you understand that the opportunities have presented themselves because of your manifestation and you see the personal growth that results.

Using the Law of Attraction and manifestation as strategies to improve the abundance in your life has never been easier. You must clearly define exactly what it is that you want, and completely focus on being able to get that or achieve it. The positive mindset will draw opportunities to you, and you must be able to recognize those opportunities and take immediate action. Pay close attention to others that have a life that you want for yourself. Study exactly what it is that they do. You must learn to mimic those actions, while still focusing on your positive mindset. You must never give up. There is no limit to what you can achieve, once you set your mind to it!

The strikes have been put down by force; but now for the real remedy. Can’t something [be] done by education of the strikers, by judicious control of the capitalists, by wise general policy to end or diminish the evil? The railroad strikers, as a rule, are good men, sober, intelligent, and industrious. The mischiefs are:—
1. Strikers prevent men willing to work from doing so.
2. They seize and hold the property of their employers.
3. The consequent excitement furnishes an opportunity for the dangerous criminal classes to destroy life and property.
—Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)

You must understand that this process is not a simple one. But, this process truly does work very well when used properly, and it can be the key to unlocking your ability for self help and self improvement. If you are not willing to do the work, well, maybe that’s the entire reason you don’t have anything that you want. But, if you are willing to work hard, keep a positive mindset, look for opportunities, and take action, then the Law of Attraction will definitely work for you. Your personal growth depends on this! You will see results that you have previously only dreamed of. Justin Blake is a self made internet millionaire that has recently revealed his secret methods to achieving wealth, health and happiness. A former homeless kid, Justin has helped over 50,000 people transform their lives and attract wealth through his newsletter and his secret tool http://www. ManifestationMeditation.com