You might think this task is too big for the “Do-It-Yourselfer” but it really isn’t. I personally learned how to paint and bodywork by just watching others do it, reading books about it, and then actual hands on learning. It was a lot of trial and error especially if I didn’t have my mentor around when experimenting.

I began to search online the other night for ebooks or tutorials about painting vehicles. I came across this program, and stopped searching. This program had everything you needed to learn to do your very own bodywork and painting projects!

I highly recommend this program if you are looking to learn how to do body work and paint. The author of this course Tony Bandalos has over 18 years of Automotive Body Work and Paint experience.

This course offers lessons in:

* Dent repair
* Spot panel repair
* Paint Blending
* Complete color change
* Rust repair
* Sheet metal work
* Spot welding
* Fiberglass repair
* Bodykit modification
* Painting
* Even LAMBO door installation!

All this information in one course! Yes, you can search the internet, places like youtube for videos, but this gives you everything you need in one user friendly course. That in itself is valuable to me. This course has over 72 hours of Auto Body and Paint information. With clear instructions and step by step detailed videos you’re sure to be able to tackle that Paint or Body work project you have been wanting to get too. It also comes with 3 additional bonus books!

Types of paint you will learn to spray:

* Base Coat and clear coat
* Waterborne
* Synthetic enamel
* Acrylic enamel
* 2k primer
* Lacquer primer
* Pearl, metal flake, and candy!

The great thing about this program is it has a 60 day money back guarantee. It’s understandable that not everyone is capable of doing this on their own, but with the money back guarantee it gives you the opportunity to try it and not be at a complete loss if it doesn’t work out for you.


I think this course is great! I recommend it to anyone that is trying to learn how to Auto Body Work and Paint. I know the biggest issue of doing your own painting and body work is having a place to do it. Some areas will not allow this kind of work depending on what your zoning laws are for the area you live in.

This is the biggest obstacle, but there are alternatives to doing this work at your home. Do a search in your area for places that rent out paint booths. Renting a booth and buying materials should still be cost effective if you are thinking about doing a project like this. You don’t need a paint booth set up to paint, but it does give you the best chance at a quality job.