Protect your IG account from Instagram Stalker

Instagram is one of today’s most successful social networking applications among the younger generation. The success of the app is fueled by the idea that consumers can post photos of anything and everything that occurs in their lives with their mates, families and followers. Social networking sites come with pros and cons. One of the pros is that it helps us, consumers, realize what’s going on around the planet just by staying at home.

Although social networking applications can support us a lot in our day-to-day lives, they can also be incredibly dangerous. Most of the issues social networking carries with it is Instagram stalker Incidents of cyber-bullying, cyber-crime, online harassment are on the increase every day in the world. Taking that into account, today, we’ll have a peek at ways you can protect yourself from being a target of cyber stalking on Instagram.

Please make your account private
The first thing to do because you’re terrified of people stalking you online is to change your privacy settings. Switch your Instagram account from ‘Public’ to ‘Online.’ Enabling this option would render your profile private, ensuring users who don’t follow you won’t be able to view your personal images that you placed on Instagram.

Here’s how to protect your Instagram account from Stalker.

By allowing this function, Instagram will alert you any time anyone sends a follow-up message. It is up to you to acknowledge the denial of the offer. Notably, having your profile public ensures that anybody who uses Instagram would be able to see images that you post to the site.

To render your Instgram profile private, you may take these easy steps

* Open the Instagram software on your mobile.

* Go to your ‘Profile’ by clicking on the icon with the photo on the bottom-right corner.

* Click the menu of the hamburger, situated at the top right corner.

* Click the ‘Config’ button at the bottom of the screen.

* Tap the ‘Privacy and Protection’ tab.

* Select the ‘Privacy Account’ tab.

* Now, change the ‘Online Account’ setting to ‘Up.’

After this setting is turned on, only current followers and new followers will be able to see the updates and stories you share.

Block the selected followers
When one of your fans is harassing you or stalking you, and this makes you feel really insecure, just block them so that they can’t see any of your actions anymore. It’s just restricted to locating you on the platform.

Someone testing the Instagram conversations without your consent? This is what you’re going to do

Only adopt these measures to ban users

* Open the Instagram software on your mobile.

* Look for the user you wish to ban.

* On Android, press the three vertical dots in the upper right corner. Tap the three horizontal dots next to their name on the iOS.

* Then select the choice ‘Bar.’

After that, it will be as though you left the site to them without losing all of your current fans, in case it concerns you.

Prevent third-party programs from obtaining data
Multiple third-party applications ask users to enter their Instagram account, e.g. apps that plan messages or submit automated responses. So, when you offer your data access to certain applications, they’ll have access to your Instagram accounts. These data may then be hacked or traded.

To revoke links to those third-party applications, you need to use the online interface instead of the program. Take these moves in the web interface:

* After signing in, select the Account option in the upper right corner and press the Settings icon.

* Pick the ‘Approved Applications’ option.

* You’ll now notice a variety of users that have links to your Instagram account.

* Remove access from applications that you believe are not required.