Airport Scanner – [IPAD GAME REVIEWS]

Joining TSA to protect the sky in Airport Scanner! Everyday, the airport is full of bad guys who try to transport many illegal stuffs and weapons. As the member of TSA, you have to use your sharp eyes to find these dangerous stuffs. Enjoy punishing these villians in the bonus stage then obtain extra cash to upgrade you airport scanner!

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Airport Scanner by Kedlin Company illustrates the story of the crowd airport where many impatient passengers wait to scan their stuffs before broading the plane. Among of them, there are some villians with the dangerous stuffs inside their suitcase,guitar box not even inside the fish’s stomach!! What you have are two sharp eyes with the old airport scanner machine. To protect the sky from an unwelcomed event, Believe in your old scanner and find out the dangerous stuffs in these suitcases!

The Airport Scanner game play is so simple, tagging all illegal stuffs pass through the scanner. At the beginning of each stage, The impatient passengers will stand in a very long line as they wait to scan their suitcases, they will put their stuff on the scanner converyer. Once the suite case is sent to the scanner, we see all of the stuffs inside the suit case representing in a various color, you must use your sharp eyes to find the weapon-like thing in this luggage. If there are nothing dangerous , you can let it pass. But if can tag some deadly stuffs in the suit case. TSA team will do their task instantly, they will slap this villains to the punishment queue. Do not let any dangerous stuffs pass your check, since it will effect to the security trust among the people and you will be fired!

Alright now we have a group of people who broke the airport rules, it is the time to punish them off! Choose 1 from 3 level of justices for them and you will gain extrabuck after punishing them.

In Airport Scanner, once you are getting rich from the suite cases checking buisness, in order to make more bucks you, you must spend some cash to upgrade your scanner! For example, if you buy ‘turbo scanner’ the speed of the scanner conveyor will be increased so you can check more luggages over the time!

In conclusion, Airport Scanner is ‘must have’ puzzle game, it shows the funny story of the crowd airport which we can actually see in the real-world. The game play is not complex so anyone can get addict to it. This game also teaches player do not judge people from their apprearance, let’s look in their suite case! Some good looking guy should be the terrorist once you find a dynamite in his suite case. There is a log book which collects all list of illegal stuffs,non-illegal stuffs,rare treasures. You will lol once you reopen this book. This game also support the achievements system which makes challenge among players and one last thing, the graphic is represeting in a cartoon tone like the mighty diner dash, I really love it!

I would like to rate this game as 5/5 STARS!!