Best Free Android Applications for Music

Perhaps one of the most popular features of an Android smartphone is the ability to access the Android Market. The Android Market is a virtual marketplace that offers Android owners thousands of fun and helpful applications that can be downloaded instantly to their Android phone. For music lovers, the Android Market is filled with countless music related applications that are completely free to download. Here are the best music applications for Android that you can download and use as much as you want at no cost to you.
“Pandora Radio”

“Pandora Radio” is a fabulous music application that allows you to create channels for your favorite music artists. These channels will then play music by that artist as well as similar artists to help you find new songs and bands that you like. You can bookmark songs that you like as you hear them to remind you to download the songs later. “Pandora Radio” is also unique in the fact that it allows you to skip six songs per channel per hour if a song comes on that you do not like.


Have you ever heard a song on the radio or on television that you loved but didn’t know the name of the artist or song? With the “Shazam” application for Android, you will never have to spend hours searching for a song again. Simply open the application, point it towards the speaker, and the sound recognition software will tell you the name of the song and recording artist within seconds. “Shazam” will then tag the song and save it within the application to remind you if you choose to download the song later.


Similar to “Shazam,” the “SoundHound” application uses sound recognition to help you find the song you are looking for. However, “SoundHound” also allows you to search for songs by lyrics, singing into the phone, or humming the tune if you are not currently listening to the song. “SoundHound” also allows you to search their existing database for information about songs and bands that you know the name of.


“Spotify” is an Android application that allows you to access all of your favorite music and create play lists on the go. You can wirelessly sync your music files to the application or access the “Spotify” database to build music play lists that go wherever you do.

“Last FM”

The “Last FM” application enables you to stream music by your favorite artists, share your music tastes, and track upcoming music events in your area. Through the “Last FM” app, you can also read biographies and profiles of your favorite bands and discover new artists.


The official “VEVO” application allows you to stream music videos by your favorite recording artists instantly to your phone without having to search through YouTube to find them. Through the “VEVO” app, you can also access exclusive videos, interviews and video premieres before they debut anywhere else.


“Myxer” is the ultimate application for custom music ring tones. You can search the “Myxer” database directly from your phone, upload your own ring tones, or customize existing ring tones. You can choose the length and section of any song and download it directly to your Android phone for free.