How to control the automatic update feature of Windows 10

What are Windows 10 feature updates?

Here are ways to help you control the automatic update feature on Windows 10.

According to information from testers testing Windows 10 updates, Microsoft will allow Windows 10 users to actively control the update settings. Perhaps because recently Microsoft has been quite… active when it come to pushing updates that makes many users uncomfortable.

Accordingly, the update in May 2019 will allow you to choose when to install the latest major version. Windows 10 users have the option to just stay on an existing version and continue to receive monthly security updates, not updating the latest features if they don’t want to.

It is in the update coming soon, in the case of the current version of Windows 10, you still have to perform the update control according to the more… specialized tricks. As follows.

1. Disable the update process in Services

Step 1: Start File Explorer and right-click This PC, select Manage.

Step 2: The Computer Management window appears, click on “Services” in the left menu.

Step 3: The list of services in Services will appear, go to the “Windows Update” option and double click on it.

Step 4: The setting window of the option will appear, click on the “Stop” first.

Then proceed to change the value of the Startup type line to “Disabled” and click OK to save it.

2. Use Windows Local Group Policy to have more options for managing updates for Windows 10

By doing so, you can only turn on / off the Windows Update feature and not be more specific than this feature. If you want more options in managing updates for Windows 10, you can take advantage of Windows Local Group Policy as follows.

Step 1: Enter the keyword “gpedit.msc” into the search box and click on the result as shown.

Step 2: In the Windows Local Group Policy window, navigate to Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Windows Update.

Step 3: The list of setup options appears, find and double-click the “Configure Automatic Updates” option or right-click and select Edit.

Step 4: The setting window of the option appears. Please check the “Enable” line first.

What are Windows 10 quality updates?

At that time, Windows will provide you with 04 Windows Update control options, including Notify for download and notify for install (download notification and installation notice, if you want to turn off automatic update, select this part), Auto download and notify for install (automatically download and install notification), Auto download and schedule the install (automatically download and schedule installation) and Allow local admin to choose setting (allow users to choose to install put).

Depending on your purpose, you will need to use the corresponding option. When you are done, press Apply> OK to activate and save it.

Hope the article will be useful for you.