In a retaliation against the United States, China considered putting FedEx on the blacklist

FedEx has become a thorn in the eyes of many Chinese officials after “misplacing” Huawei’s two important parcels to the US.

South China Morning Post reported that the Chinese government is considering adding FedEx to the list of “unreliable” companies. According to SCMP, the move will increase US-China relations tensions.

The source said the Chinese authorities almost completed the necessary preparations to put FedEx on the blacklist. The final decision will be made by a senior leader.

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce made a blacklist at the end of May, targeting foreign companies that Beijing believes could harm the interests of domestic businesses.

FedEx became a thorn in the eyes of many Chinese officials after two parcels containing documents sent from Japan to Huawei in China were “mistakenly transferred” to the US without the company’s permission. FedEx confirmed that this is only a mistake in the system and absolutely no impact from outside.

“We always value customers, who have handed over more than 15 million parcels to transport every day,” FedEx posted on the Weibo account. At the same time, the company apologized for mistaking the “small amount” of Huawei goods.

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce has not yet commented on the information.

Recently, FedEx filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Commerce for asking the company to enforce the export ban, along with other surveillance moves. FedEx said this legal obligation was not fair and was an “impossible burden”. The company insists that it is only a transport service provider, not a law enforcement agency.